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How - To Videos

Working from the Collateral Materials and having trouble with Canva? Check out these videos to help walk you through all the necessary steps! 

Getting Started with KW Capital templates and Canva! 

This video will help you get started with using KW Capital templates in Canva! I show you how to find the templates, how to sign up for Canva's free account, and how to locate designs on the website! We then pull up a template, which automatically links to the Canva account we just created! 

How to Edit Templates in Canva!

We pick right back up in the same template from the video above. I show you different features in Canva, how to insert your own logo, how to delete elements that are not applicable to you, the design elements that are locked down, and even more! Finally, I show you how to send a design to print or to download the design to send to a local printer. 

How to find Canva 101 resources within Canva!

Learning Canva can be a huge asset to building your business. In this video, I show you how to locate Canva created videos showing you how to use all of the features within Canva, broken into smaller and easy-to-understand videos!

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