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Real Estate is a Contact Sport

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

…and every connection we make should be considered marketing!

Technology has made communication more effortless than before. We can automate that type of communication with tools like KW Command. Within business, a text or email saves us time. We have learned who prefers text or a phone call in our personal relationships.

Does a digital touch make the most significant impact when it comes to client relationships?

No. In fact, your most strategic marketing solutions will involve a combination of various marketing collateral distributed through different channels. It will also include a targeted list of clients that need to receive a phone call.

Use KW Command’s Smart Plans to automatically generate a list of your quarterly calls. Smart Plans help to break your task-list of client touches down to a short to-do list daily for you!

Why make a phone call when we all just text or check on each other on social media?

We do everything to find more straightforward and more effective solutions in business. But the truth is, building a relationship with a client that transcends everything digital is where the beauty of the client relationship exists. Your genuine relationships are built faster when connecting in-person or over a phone call. This allows you to see if you truly have made a client out of the contact - or if they are just a fan. It allows you to learn that a client makes you feel like they are on board with your plan via text, but a simple phone call reveals some hesitation in their voice.

Phone calls and in-person conversations are where the money-making happens! Building an online presence allows you to build awareness, educate and entertain clients and potential clients. This is the most significant transaction of their entire lives - all of that content is important so that they can relate to you.

Digital communication may be your preferred method of communication but consider this. You have your eye on a contact and want to show them some attention. You begin following their posts more closely and comment on them. You believe you are making significant headway in building your awareness with that client. However, they may not put any value in how much attention they receive on social media and find your attempts abrupt and intrusive. Except you aren’t even aware this is how they feel and the impression you are making as a business owner because this is all being done online.

The very same can be said about only relying on texting clients. While a client may exchange texts with you, do they view you as too busy for a phone call? Or too lazy to build the relationship? So the client stops texting you back, and you’re left in the awkward position of trying to build a relationship after they are already fed up with you.

How do I know which way is the best way to contact a lead or a client?

Every time you get handed a business card or contact information - ask the person their preferred method of communication. It’s a quick and simple question that will hugely impact your business. Note this in your database and on your phone beside their contact information. In fact, be open to responses that some people may only want to contact by Facebook Messenger! By learning their preferred method of communication, you don’t have to send an email and wait 25 days because that’s how frequently they check their emails. You will know precisely where their communication channels are and will be able to get quicker responses by using this method!

Create relationships with clients that are genuine and not strictly transactional. In a world full of technology that helps us streamline communication, stay top of mind for your clients by being willing to make a quick phone call!

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